How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance where a spinning wheel with numbered sections spins and a ball falls randomly onto one. Bettors place their bets based on where they think the ball will land; different strategies claim they can help increase winning odds.

For those who prefer more conservative play, outside bets may offer lower payouts but still make you money.

Betting options

Roulette provides several betting options when it comes to bets. Players have their choice between split and corner bets that cover two adjacent numbers each, or straight up bets placed on just one number, each offering its own odds and payout amounts.

Some strategies are simple while others more complex. Some rely on the Fibonacci sequence – where each new number is calculated by adding two previous ones together. Others, like D’Alembert strategy are risk-averse; this approach doesn’t increase your bet with each loss as is done with Martingale strategy.

Online roulette provides a more flexible gaming experience than physical casinos, as players are able to manage their bets easily with just the click of a button. Players can take advantage of statistics and other features to make more informed decisions that help keep them ahead of the game and prevent excessive losses of cash.


Before beginning roulette, it’s essential that you understand its rules. One effective method of doing so is practicing on an online casino and keeping track of your results; this will enable you to discover patterns and improve your winning chances. Begin with betting minimum stakes for several rounds before gradually increasing them as your skills improve.

Roulette players place chips onto a numbered table mat to place bets, either covering one number, multiple numbers or sections of the table. Bets closest to the spin button are known as “inside bets,” while those covering numbers farthest away from it are called “outside bets.”

Inside and outside bets each have different probabilities of winning and payout rates; typically in roulette, outside bets have a greater chance of hitting but may pay out less than other bet options. When the dealer spins the wheel to determine the outcome of each round, outside bets typically win more frequently but their payout rates tend to be smaller than other bet options.


Bets are placed by placing chips on a betting mat before the croupier throws the ball, with different bets offering different returns – the highest-paying ones being more difficult to win. Players can select outside bets covering outer edges or inside bets placed directly on individual numbers or small clusters of numbers – before their chosen roulette dealer starts spinning the wheel.

Outside bets include red-black, odd-even and first, second, and third dozen wagers; these bets offer 1:1 payout but have less chance of success.

Inside bets involve betting on specific numbers or groups of numbers and have a higher chance of success but with lower payouts. Corner and line bets cover four adjacent numbers each; when making line bets you cover an entire block of six numbers at once. It is wise to play within your budget, and avoid drawing upon any winnings in future wagers as doing so will minimize losses and maximize wins over time.


Roulette’s basic principles may seem straightforward, yet gambling fans might be surprised to discover its many variants are available. While these variations don’t differ significantly in terms of gameplay experience or strategy, they add to its excitement and challenge by adding variety.

These bets include inside, outside, call and special bets. Inside bets involve placing individual numbers or small groups of numbers as bets; outside bets cover large sections of the table that pay out if the ball lands within their boundaries; these bets may also cover groups of numbers such as red/black, odd/even or doubles.

Double-ball roulette is another popular variation, featuring two balls and providing up to 12,000 times their bet’s payout potential. While the rules remain unchanged, players should use straightforward betting strategies for maximum chance of success.

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