How to Enhance Your Gambling Intuition

Often referred to as ‘gut feeling’, gambling intuition guides your decisions and can be a great advantage in the casino. With a little practice, your intuition can make you a winner and increase your edge over the house. Here are the steps you should take to enhance your gambling intuition. Let’s start with defining gambling intuition. What is it and how can you use it to your advantage. This is the “SuperPower” of gambling.

Gambling is similar to addiction in that it relies on the powerful force of random reinforcement, which is often the result of chance. Because rewards are randomly distributed, players develop distorted ideas of their own control over the outcome, especially if they win a big bet early on. While these distorted thoughts can lead to serious addiction, it’s important to keep gambling in perspective. Ultimately, gambling is not about the money, but about the fun and escape that it offers.

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