Check Out BC.GAME’s $2.1M Promo, New Tesla Giveaway, and Other Games

To kick off the FIFA World Cup 2022, BC.GAME is hosting its first-ever Coco Carnival event. In the event, players can grab the opportunity to win a brand-new electric vehicle (Tesla), participate in a prize draw for $2.1 million, or receive other raffles like autographed merchandise from Lionel Messi. BC.GAME has lately provided rewards of $100,000 to sports bettors to win cash by supporting their team. Get ready as we share all the information you need to join!

Coco’s Tesla and Mega Prizes Giveaway

You have the opportunity to acquire a model Tesla from November 20 to December 10 at 00:00 AM UTC. Just click “Join Now” option for the Coco Carnival’s Mega Prize activity, and they will lead you to the subsequent phases of the competition. Signing up is the only requirement, but you also have to go through the categorization process before CWallet approves your registration.

If you join within the event period, you have the chance to win not only Tesla but also other packages, such as an iPhone 14, vacation coupons, and bonus money. Winners of the Mega Raffle need to wait five working days before receiving their prizes from BC.GAME.

Whopping $2.1M All-Win Prize Pool

This Coco Carnival event is up for participants to share the prize pool. The event begins on the 20th of November 2022 and continues until the 19th of December 2022 at 23:59 UTC. All you need to do is collect as many CUP tokens as possible before December so that you can qualify for bigger awards. When you own a World Cup coin, you will be awarded a share of $2.1 million. Bear in mind, though, that the number of CUPs you acquire sets how many prizes you can get.

Log in on a daily basis, follow the official pages they’ve established on social media, and do a lot more. If you want things to be easy, you can get 10 CUP tokens for just one dollar. You have a chance to win 15% of the total prize pool, which comes to $315,000 if you come in the first place. In the meantime, even if you come up short, this tipping competition will award the top 100 wagerers with a share of the prize. During the event, you will only be able to complete tasks and purchase CUP.

Messi’s Signed AFA Jersey Raffle and Other Events

The fact that Messi’s signed AFA jersey will be raffled off thanks to BC Game’s partnership with AFA guarantees that football fans and amateurs will join in the excitement. You can join if you are a level 8 VIP with a minimum placement of $5 bets on any of the World Cup 2022 participating teams.

Every day is a new chance, but the “win” result must be verified before a ticket is issued. But since many sports enthusiasts will participate, however, only the highest payment participant will emerge victorious in the end. Therefore, establish a plan to acquire Messi’s shirt and ensure that you don’t miss out.

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BC.GAME indeed pioneered and strengthened cryptocurrency betting. It simulates a high-end casino game for players, live betting, and wagering worldwide. Due to its cooperation with AFA, Coco Carnival will soon dominate the casino business. BC.GAME is reliable and has a Curacao operating license. They always pass the needed materials, which boosts their reputation.

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