Changes Afoot for Online Casino Slots

Online casinos often fall under different scrutiny as they go through big changes on a relatively consistent basis – these changes may come as a response to changing regulation, or to the growing demands of a constantly changing player base. With some of the big favourites here, these changes may have an immediate impact on the experience you have, and slots may become the latest target for change in the online casino space in an effort to deliver a better experience to the growing player numbers.

The latest target for change is hitting the UK online casino market with slots being one hoping to see change shortly – as the gaming option with the lowest winning percentage for time played across all games, the hope is that putting these changes in place may make the games more approachable, and more fair for the players too. But what are the proposed changes?

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For the most part the goal is seemingly to slow play down whilst removing the auto-play features that make up many of the big slots options, by slowing the speed at which the slots spin and removing features like turbo, the goal is to ensure that players don’t lose track of how much time they’ve played or lose track of their spending. The same is true for the removal of auto-play features as it leads to the same issue of players losing track of play. On a similar approach, online casinos will also have to add information to slots for how much time has been played in a particular session along with the wins and losses during that session to in order to provide more transparency, something that is expected to make its way into other gaming options too.

Other changes include removing the ability to re-wager money that has already been requested for withdrawal, and a change that will see sounds and imagery giving the illusion of a win if the stake is equal or below to be removed too. These are all quality-of-life changes simply aimed at making slots more accessible, but it is also expected that some of these changes will make their way to other games too with a blanket change to online casino regulations. For now, these slot changes are only being proposed for the UK gambling market, but if they’re put in place correctly and a change is seen over time, then it may certainly encourage other gambling commissions to consider the change to slots and other games, particularly as there is a growing focus on making the online gambling space safer for at risk players with a host of other changes being committed such as changes to advertising options perhaps being the biggest.

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